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The ILCA europeans just passed by full of intense emotions. The whole Devoti Team stepped on the podium conquering the first, second and third European titles. It has been a very tough regatta, “it has been mentally tough for all sailors due to a difficult relation between the sailors and the judges and race committees, one whole regatta has been canceled after being completed. Everybody was surprised and upset from the decision” states Pavlos Kontides who has won the bronze medal, and leaded the one hour strike before the fifth day of regattas.

Croatia has had a sensational performance with Tonci and Filip winning the European title and silver medal. Filip with great emotion states “after the UFD on the first race I felt the whole championship as if I had 100 kg of pressure on my back, however I have no words to describe how satisfied I am and how amazing is to share this podium with my team mates, this has always been our dream and our coach’s dream”. Tonci has won at Andora his fifth European title, “its amazing to share this podium with the whole team, this demonstrates our strength and dedication, I am very happy with my result”.

On the other hand we have to congratulate Ann Marie Rindome for her fifth place in the ILCA 6 class, Thanos Kifidis for the ILCA 6 Men European title and  Rocco Wright for the bronze medal.

So many emotions to see how strong the Devoti Team is, and has shown to be, at the 2023 European Championship and Andora, Italy.

Congratulations to all of you! The season now goes on and our next meeting is at Palma de Mallorca for the Trofeo Princesa Sofia where all Olympic classes will be competing.