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In the charming setting of the Circolo Vele Vernazzolesi in Genoa, the second phase of the Coppa Italia D-One took place successfully on the 6th and 7th of April.

Despite the challenges posed by inclement weather, sailing enthusiasts demonstrated great determination and competitive spirit.
Weather conditions certainly did not help the fleet, with the wind being extremely shy during the two days of racing. However, on Saturday it was possible to complete two races despite the almost complete absence of wind, while on Sunday, despite the fleet’s attempt to set sail, the weather did not allow for any further racing opportunities.
Despite the difficulties encountered, the committee proved to be up to the task, professionally managing the races and ensuring maximum safety for all participants.

The prize-giving ceremony was the culmination of two intense days of racing, with the stage winners showing skill and determination. The podium was dominated by Alessandro Gasparini (ITA111) in first position, Alessandro Novi (ITA101) in second and Enrico Ciferri (ITA315) in third.

The large presence of boats on the water made the event even more vibrant, confirming the enthusiasm and interest surrounding the world of sailing in Genoa and throughout Italy.
Devoti Sailing congratulates the organizers and participants who once again demonstrated their love for the sea and sailing, making the event an unforgettable experience for all involved.