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“Lets make the D-one great again, we will work hard for it and make this boats fly again through the international seas” – Luca Devoti

Some of you may already know the boat, the D-one has been designed by Phill Morrison and Luca Devoti.

Devoti-One is powered by a large 11,5 m2 fully battened main sail that has enough power to be hiking early but easy to keep control when it gets fresher. Downwind, using the 13,2 m2 gennaker, the boat is stable and easily driven with plenty
of power to the highly manoeuvrable and lightweight hull.

The D-one class has started in 2010 with a great boom and loads of sailing passionate.

Lets have a quick throwback to 2011 D-one GodCup: Tom Slimgby “It’s a pure pleasure racing on this dinghy that blends the abilities of a hiking boat upwind with the speed and fun downwind.”

This boat has a very strong potential to have fun and be competitive. So we want to announce that we are back producing the boats from now.

We thank the D-one association which kept the fire lighted and the boat alive promoting with passion and our values this fantastic boat. Lets fly through the waves together now and get back on track the power this rocket deserves.