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It’s two days now to the ILCA European Championship. Everyone is at Hyeres already getting ready for the regattas that will start the 16th.
Mainly sailing with south eastern winds, and with a decreasing temperature. The championship has a very high entry which will compose three different groups for the classificatory regattas.

Updates from our DevotiSailing team:

Pavlos Kontides, has been busy training the past days at hyeres and testing his equipments. “The next few days we will be resting so to be ready for the big battle”.
Filip Jurišić is very satisfied from the last training sessions in hyeres “I feel good and have tested all my equipment so there are no excuses”. There is the chance to have some medium strong and medium light winds during the week of regattas, everyone looks excited to start the competition.
Tonci Stipanovic is also satisfied from the sailing sessions in hyeres, “everything is feeling good, myself and the equipment so can’t wait the championship to start”.