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Just concluded the French Nationals at the Coych Club de Voile de Hyeres, France. 8 regattas in total in 4 days of racing. 138 boats in the ILCA7 class and 160 in the ILCA6 class. Racing with medium-light and medium-strong winds from the south-east. This has been an important regatta for the sailors’ preparation as the European championship starts on the 15th of November. Devoti ILCA boats have been raced by some of the most talented ILCA sailors, such as, for example, the vice champion of the ILCA6 French Nationals, Marie Barrue. On the other hand, in the ILCA 7 class, Devoti ILCAS have dominated the top fleet, being 2/3 of the top 20 ILCAS. Tonci Stipanovic climbed the podium with some amazing racing, finishing 2nd overall.

Our Devoti Sailing team has been “taking the rust off”, as Pavlos Kontides says, for the Europeans, as their last major championship has been the ILCA World Championship in Mexico.

Tonci Stipanovic, happy with his podium, finishing second overall in front of the strongest ILCA sailors nowadays. “Amazing to be back sailing, especially with my new Devoti ILCA which I received two weeks ago” Tonci took a break focusing on some other projects for a couple of months and “going back to race with such an important fleet was really nice, finishing second was maybe more than what I was expecting” as he wasn’t sailing ILCA for two months. Two weeks now to go for the European Championship, “ We will use these two weeks to higher my fiscal conditions. I can’t wait for the next days of racing in the Euros”.

Finn Lynch, finished in the top ten, 9th, out of 138 boats. “French Nationals was a really good warm up for the Europeans, we had pretty much the same conditions every race, I’m sure everybody that’s here now understands what needs to be done to be successful in those conditions. We will see if we get them at the Europeans”. Two weeks from now until the important event, “now it’s time to rest and recover and be sure we are mentally ready to perform our best at the Europeans”.

Pavlos Kontides, missed the top ten by one boat, ending 11th overall. “It has been a very productive regatta, really nice to get back in the proper racing mood, and get the rust off from the Worlds in Mexico. It felt really good to be back on the starting line with a big fleet. I need to focus on starting better and making good decisions.” Pavlos is back in Croatia with Filip and Tonci, “thees days will be very important to recharge, the 7th of November we are back in France to continue the preparation for the European championship”.

Filip Jurišić, also preparing together with Pavlos and Tonci, ended 12th overall. “Can’t say I’m happy with my result”. Filip adds “I used the French Nationals to warm up for the Europeans, it has been very important to get me into the racing mood and try some things I have been working on during the summer, specially the new equipment”. Filip feels confident and ready “I am sure that for Europeans all segments will be ready, and it will be interesting to see this between the other guys”.